Who Are We?

Mobile App Development is a student organization at the University of Texas. We are focused on building the UT community by creating a learning environment for all students through our workshops, hack nights, conferences, and other awesome events. We want to build the next generation of successful developers, designers, and entrepreneurs.

What Do We Do?


At the core of MAD's teaching are the weekly workshops that provide UT students with a place to learn Android, iOS, and Web Dev.


Hack Nights

MAD gives students to opportunity to learn from their peers, work together on projects, and get mentorship from industry engineers at special monthly Hack Nights.



MAD Conference is an annual student-run developer conference that aims to provide an environment to learn, develop, and grow. The schedule is a mixture of workshops, tech talks, and coding challenges led by industry engineers.


How do I stay up to date?

With events almost every day of the week, you'll want to stay in the loop so you know what cool stuff you might want to go to.

Facebook Group

We post Facebook events for all MAD workshops and special events. Join our group to keep connected.



We send out a period snapshot of upcoming events and news. It's the best way to start your week.



Our calendar has the name, location and time of all our upcoming events. Check back for breaking changes.



  • Ali Naqvi

  • William Han

    Vice President
  • Victor Chau

    Logistics Director
  • Brian Cui

    Workshop Director
  • Qiwei Li

    Corporate Director
  • Abhi Kamboji

    Corporate Director
  • David Chen

    MAD Labs Director
  • Saras Paudel

    MAD Labs Director
  • Piper Ward

    Outreach Director
  • Bonny Mahajan

    Outreach Director
  • Gary Wang

    Branding Director
  • Comyar Zaheri

    Class of 2014 Founder, President, iOS Instructor
  • Niko Lazaris

    Class of 2016 Founder, President, Training Director, Android Instructor
  • Sai Avala

    Class of 2015 Founder, Vice President, Corporate Director, Android Instructor
  • Eddie Saenz

    Class of 2014 Founder, Web Master
  • Daniel Monroy

    Class of 2015 Founder, Department Liason
  • Matt Ebeweber

    Class of 2014 Web Instructor
  • Kelly Wilson

    Class of 2016 Events Director
  • Michael Brennan

    Class of 2016 MADLabs Director, iOS Instructor
  • Heather Zeis

    Class of 2016 iOS Instructor
  • Sarah Stancik

    Class of 2016 MADLabs Director, Branding Director
  • Tomas Rodriguez

    Class of 2016 President, Android Instructor
  • Kaelin Hooper

    Class of 2016 Corporate Director
  • Megan Chen

    Class of 2018 Outreach Director
  • Weston Selleck

    Class of 2018 Workshop Director
  • Nishanth Shanmugham

    Class of 2017 Web Instructor
  • Frank Long

    Class of 2017 Android Instructor
  • Julio Correa

    Class of 2018 MAD Labs & Branding Director
  • Cole Mayo

    Class of 2016 Corporate Director
  • Nick Walker

    Class of 2018 MAD Labs & Tech Director
  • Alvin Deng

    Class of 2016 Logistics Director
  • Melanie Rivera

    Class of 2018 Outreach Director
  • Mustafa Taleb

    Class of 2018 Windows Instructor
  • Sammy Yousif

    Class of 2017 MAD Builds Director
  • Drew Romanyk

    Class of 2018 President, Training Director
  • Kieran Vanderslice

    Class of 2018 President, Android Instructor
  • Kiana Alcala

    Class of 2019 Vice President, Corporate Director
  • Matt Ruston

    Class of 2018 MAD Labs Director, iOS Instructor
  • Jesse Tipton

    Class of 2018 iOS Instructor
  • Shashank Kambhampati

    Class of 2018 Web Instructor
  • Pranav Harathi

    Class of 2018 Web Instructor
  • Daniel Loera

    Class of 2019 Android Instructor
  • Jacob Lubecki

    Class of 2019 Android Instructor