Our weekly workshops aim to help new developers get started with mobile technologies, regardless of their background. Every week, one or multiple sessions of our beginner classes meets to discuss and program. Instructors prepare materials in advance and publish resources before and after each session. These resources can be found under our GitHub organization.


Topical workshops are scheduled occasionally for each platform, providing a place to dive deeper on specific technologies. They may cover advanced frameworks, in depth case studies or interesting API use cases, anything that will enrich a developer's understanding of the platform.


MAD's fantastic partners are regularly invited to host their own workshops. They provide a unique perspective on various topics, and give you the chance to chat with professional engineers.


Our instructors work hard to put together materials for workshops, and make themselves regularly available for office hours. They're friendly people who are interested in helping you learn, and will always foster a positive learning environment.


  • Ali Kedwaii

  • Rooshi Patidar

  • Pravat Bhusal


  • Avinash Damania

  • Rishabh Thakkar

  • Ryan Menghani


  • Gauraang Dhamankar


Keep an eye on the calendar for time and room changes. Also, follow the links to the course's materials repo to get a better sense of content covered.

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